An Open Letter to All the Power-Hungry, Corrupt Government Officials

You have abused your power. You’ve taken the rights given you by the people to feather your nests, to increase your power and to destroy the lives of the people who elected you.

Make no mistake, we will do more than vote you out. You will wind up in jail and sooner or later you’ll see just how stupid and selfish you’ve been.

We, the people, will not stand for it. We will expose you for your fraud, corruption, and greed. You cannot steal our freedoms. We will not allow it.

When the masses wake up from their hypnotic trance and belief that the government is all powerful, when the masses discover their true strength, you, the corrupt politicians, will not be able to stand in their way.

A major reason for all this crap is because most people don’t want to take responsibility for their lives; they want to be taken care of. This one major reason why 1–3% of the population has all the wealth while everyone else remains poor. The 1–3% do what everyone else is unwilling to do-and they are rewarded handsomely for it.

The refusal of the 97%+ to take 100% responsibility for their lives creates a breeding ground for bullying, poverty, fear mongers, dictators and tyrants. So long as the masses give up their power (and demand to be taken care of), these problems will continue.

It is only when the masses wake up from their hypnotic trance. realize their true power AND take responsibility for their lives that the tyrants will be overthrown.

Some of you are probably saying, “that will never happen. The tyrants are too strong.”

That’s false.

I’m going to share two stories, one from Canada; the other from Iceland.

The Harmonized Sales Tax War in British Columbia, Canada

“The results of the provincial referendum mean B.C. will now begin a transition back to its former provincial sales tax.”

“Elections BC said that 54.73 per cent of voters chose to scrap the HST in the referendum, with 45.27 per cent voting to keep it in place.”

“British Columbians, led by former premier Bill Vander Zalm, launched an anti-HST petition in April 2010 to force the government to hold the referendum.”

“B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix called the result a “victory for democracy.”

“The people won over the arrogance of the Liberal government and its powerful friends,” he said in a statement. “It is a victory for fairness.”

Read the full story here: B.C. votes to scrap HST.

The Story of Iceland

“It seems incomprehensible in the U.S., but Icelanders did just that. Icelanders forced their entire government to resign after a banking fraud scandal, overthrowing the ruling party and creating a citizen’s group tasked with writing a new constitution that offered a solution to prevent corporate greed from destroying the country. The constitution of Iceland was scrapped and is being rewritten by private citizens; using a crowd-sourcing technique via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.”

“These events have been going on since 2008, yet there’s been no word from the U.S. mainstream media about any of them. In fact, all of the events that unfolded were recorded by international journalists, overseas news bureaus, citizen journalists and bloggers. This has created current accusations of an intentional cover-up of the story by mainstream U.S. news sources.”

It’s Time to Clean House

Some of you will say, “well, that’s great for Canada and Iceland, but that will never happen here.”

It can. People are getting angrier every day. It’s just a matter of time. As for how to effect change? Read the stories above. Learn from the thought leaders in Canada and Iceland. Change IS possible. And it’s possible to do it without violence.

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